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Introducing the brand, Comfort Enoz. They are a lifestyle brand with amazing denim Jackets and Hoodies that each have an inspiring and rebellious message in them so you can wear them and help spread awareness and freedom and acceptance.  I loved this brand so much that I will be doing a blogger series with them that will be coming up also stay tuned for the brand participating in the Fashion Happy Hour fashion show for Art Basel on December 13.  See below for my interview with the Designer, Carla Leon.

1. How did you get started with your concept and brand?

After having several years of experience as an entrepreneur, I was impelled to create an urban clothing brand to create awareness. With each of our pieces, we shout our thoughts with expressions, images, and stories to create consciousness.

This brand was born in a place like Soho, Wynwood, and Brooklyn while thinking of all those emerging artists, creatives, musicians, and environmentalists who want to be the rebels of the XXI century.

Our inspiration comes from an active lifestyle, and love for people and our Planet, it comes from the arts, the music, and creativity of brilliant minds.

Comfort Enoz is more than a fashion brand, it is a lifestyle and a way of living. We are rebels and want to invite everyone to join a protest, any protest! It is a call to review freedom and acceptance. We are people that are unsatisfied. But today, we step up and show everyone you don’t have to be satisfied with the status quo. We invite everyone to get out of their comfort zone and wake up, because Comfort Enoz will go along with you to break through the indifference and help you create awareness.

2. What is unique about your brand and what is the story behind it?

Comfort Enoz is a clothing brand that aims to create awareness with every piece. We know we live in a world filled with injustice and indifference. We want to change that with our pieces, our expressions, our art, and our creativity. We want everyone to join a protest, and we want to be there too. We say wake up and speak up! You are not alone if you are with Comfort Enoz

I love that our brand has a social component to it, and I think that is what sets us apart the most. We want to be the go-to store for those who are not afraid to say something with what they are wearing, for those who have an active lifestyle and want to take to the streets what they really want to say. We are rebels of the XXI century, and we want to leave a positive footprint while we walk the streets.  

3. What was the most challenging part of your journey? What did you learn from that?

It has definitely not been a smooth road for me and Comfort Enoz, but it has been a road filled with learning and great experiences. Even though I have had other entrepreneur projects in the past, this is a new adventure for me since I have never been involved in the fashion industry, but the idea slowly grew on me and I just had to make it happen. Finding the right people is definitely a challenge when you already have clear vision of what you want, but I was able to gather great talent across the US and internationally that complements our brand in many ways. I absolutely love working with different cultures, time zones, and lifestyles, it makes the brand more unique. Each of our pieces are one of a kind, and putting them together was a big challenge in order to get the quality that we wanted without compromising every single detail. Every entrepreneur has challenges at the beginning, but all the hard work is well worth it once you see your idea become a reality.

4. When did you know it was the right time for you to start your business?

Once I got inspired I set my goals really clear and took it from there. That’s when I started looking for the best team and things started to move along. Now that the idea became a reality there are different challenges in order to hit the goal. It’s all about inspiration and hard work.


5. What are some good reads or sources of inspiration for you as a business owner?

I love to read about any successful entrepreneur story. I particularly enjoy Tony Hsieh’s story about Zapoos and how he created a great culture within his company and Blake Mycoskie's story with Toms because of the social component to it.

I have been practicing meditation for the last year, and this has given me strength to understand the essence of life and the meaning of my project as a goal. For me it is important to understand that it includes a social aspect to leave a positive footprint as we walk along others.

6. Are you looking to work with influencers to promote your business? Have you worked with them before?

Yes, absolutely. We are always looking to collaborate with people who inspire us one way or another. Not just because of their style, but because of their contribution to society, their creativity, their love for the unique, and their determination to be heard by others. Like I mentioned, Comfort Enoz is more than a fashion brand, it is a lifestyle. We are currently working with some influencers in LA, NYC, and Miami. We recently started working with Barby Moscoso, a professional dancer who lives in LA. She has toured with many artists like Maluma, Luis Fonsi, and Farruko and danced on award ceremonies like the American Music Award and Latin American Music Awards. We think that her free spirit, active life, and hardworking attitude represents one of the many faces of Comfort Enoz.

7. What advice can you offer to others that want to get started as a clothing brand?

I recommend anyone who is starting their own business, no matter the field, to stay focused throughout the challenges and to be perseverant. It is important to base the idea on research in order to create a brand that stands out. It takes lots of hours and days of inspiration and work in order to get from an idea to a reality. Finally, trust yourself! Follow your true instinct and surround yourself with people with a positive energy who are as hard workers as you.

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