What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur

I recently partnered with Macy's for a very fun shoot in one of my favorite spots in Miami, Espanola way. The whole idea for this styled shoot was for a blog post I have been wanting to do for a while expressing what it takes to be an entrepreneur. The looks we created represent my personal style as an event planner in Miami, classy but always fun too. I love mixing unexpected colors or prints together. I am also second generation Cuban, so I wanted to show a bit of my hispanic roots in my style as well.

Here are some tips for being the #girlboss you were meant to be:

  1. Persevere - Do not give up no matter what anyone tells you. You are going to hear it all. The trick is to keep going and silence the negativity, use it as your fuel to succeed.
  2. Take constructive criticism (with a grain of salt)-  Ok, so for this I want to make it clear that being open to constructive criticism is different to being open to disrespectfulness, know the difference.
  3. Find a mentor(s)- I cannot express how important this is. Find someone who has done what you are doing, learn from them and then expand on your own. Some of my best friendships have started as mentors, people I look up to and respect and wanted to learn from.
  4. Grow in a positive community- Join every club, group and community that you can to grow your support system. It is very important to not only go to these events, but to connect with people and create relationships with them. It may be challenging at the start but I promise it gets easier and more organic with time and practice. Pro tip- take a friend that is also in your industry or a similar one and play wing woman or wing man at the networking events that you attend.
  5. Know your worth- This is imperative. Know what you have to offer and stick to it. You've got this!!
  6. Be on top of your #socialmedia game-  This is the name of the game nowadays. Knowing which platform is right for your audience is highly important as well.


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All outfits and Jewelry: Available at Macys

Makeup: New Lip Glows Dior Collection, available at Macys

All Photos By Anna Belsway

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Natalie Garcia